This happens when you urinate in the Shower of the Future

Shower of the Future
This shower goes the extra mile, it saves water by recycling it and converts it into one of the cleanest you’ve ever had.

Have you ever thought about how the future will look like? The first image that comes to your head certainly doesn’t include a shower. Sweden-based company Orbital Systems, in collaboration with NASA, has developed a shower that takes care of one of the most important resources on Earth, water. The company claims that with this new shower system there can be savings of up to 90% of water and 80% of energy.

This is how it works

When you turn on the shower, the system will allow only 5 litres of water (1.3 gallons) to get through. The water will come out normally from the shower-head, after this it will drop to a special drain that contains two special filters, a micro filter and a nano filter.

The micro filter will eliminate the big particles as hair, dirt or sand. The nano filter will eliminate the smaller nasty ones as germs, oils and everything else you can think of. After a whole water loop has gone, the patented sensors will determine if the water is too contaminated or not. If the water is not too contaminated, it goes through the Purification Capsules and pumped back up. This process continues over and over again, so you can shower for a long as you want.

If you were wondering about the heating system, well it does include one. This shower won’t let you die of hypothermia and its precise temperature control will save money too.

Changing filters and price

The filters are replaceable. The micro filter costs 20 euros ($25) and has a lifespan of about 10,000 to 30,000 litres. The nano filter’s life is for about 50,000 to 100,000 litres and costs 80 euros ($100). Even with these prices the company says that you will be saving tons of money per year.

smart-shower-appWhen the time comes and you have to change the filters, a LED light on the floor will turn on or the smartphone app (of course there is an app) will let you know that it is time. This app also tracks how much water you have saved and you can share it to your favorite social networks.

There are two types of shower and both are available for pre-order. The floor-integrated shower sells for 3200 euros ($4000) and the cabin model for 4000 euros ($5000). I know it a lot to take in but consider it as a long term investment and a gift to mother Earth.

Going through the FAQ on their website you can find pretty interesting and weird questions like, what happens if someone urinates during a shower? Well…

“We promise you that you are NOT going to experience a golden shower. The shower is equipped with sensors that recognize the quality of the incoming water and can therefore determine if it should be flushed out of the system. For instance, if someone urinates or empties an entire shampoo bottle in the shower, the sensors will recognize the unusually high amount of contaminated water and replace just that amount, with the same quantity of new water.”

[Source: CNET, Shower of the Future]



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