PODO is not just another selfie camera

Probably you have seen how those selfie sticks are becoming a trend. If you own one and you are a perfectionist you must have spent countless minutes trying the make the stick disappear from your picture. With its Kickstarter campaign, PODO wants you to get rid of monopods. Take it as a highly improved selfie camera that will eliminate those annoying moments when trying to get everyone into a single picture.

podo steps

It is one of the most simple gadgets you can find. The best feature of its design is the microsuction pad. The pad has thousands of microscopic suction “cups” that can get a grip of absolutely any material. You won’t have to replace it, in case it gets dirty just wash the pad with water. The pad comes with a powerful magnet too in case you have a metallic surface.

Podo-Stick-and-Shoot-CameraPODO connects to an app where you can preview how your picture is going to turn out, then set up the timer, get you phone out of the way and you’ll have a 8 megapixel picture or leave it to record video at 720p. The camera also comes with a built-in LED flash, 4GB internal storage and its battery lasts up to 2 hours of video.

Take advantage of their Kickstarter campaign which is one of the hottest right now after raising more than $100,000 in just few hours.



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