‘Goodnight Lad’ just reinvented children books

“We want kids to discover a love for books.”

Goodnight Lad is a book designed for children of all ages (yeah for you too) that works together with an app to bring its characters to life.

book-bedThe creator, Bradly Grimm, has released several apps in the past and has more than 5 million downloads. Technology is all around and kids now a days don’t know what is to be without it anymore. This is why Grimm took children books a step further, he believes that technology should be monitored in children but when used correctly it can be a huge motivator.

The book ‘Goodnight Lad’ tells the story of a kid who doesn’t want to go to bed. The way it works is very simple, open the app on your smartphone, just point it at the book and you’ll see an animation of the story.book-cover

After seeing how it works, a thought has come into my mind, will this make kids go to sleep?

They are on Kickstarter right now and it is a huge success. Goodnight Lad have raised $30,000 more than the $5000 that they asked for. Interested? with as little as $20 you can get a copy of the book.



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