Splash Drone: The Fearless Quadcopter

by Esteban Soto (@esoe03)

Probably you have seen the following video of a Dutch guy jumping on a freezing lake to save his $600 drone from drowning.

Because of this kind of situations, a new Kickstarter venture wants to keep you and your drone warm, dry and safe by splash-drone-agua-dron-600x339creating Splashdrone. Their quadcopter has many cool capabilities, waterproof being one of them.

The campaign is hitting high numbers both on the backers and in the money raised. They have got more than 120 backers and after asking for $17,500 they have raised $115,000.

Their flying machine does have more interesting features. Let’s say you go surfing and would like to record some footage, well you can use its follow me mode. After you are satisfied with what you filmed you can send it to its take off location for landing. it comes with other standard features as low battery safety alarms, keep object in frame and altitude stabilization.


Splashdrone comes with more special features. It has a payload release mechanism in case you want to bring an object to someone or yourself, perhaps a bottle of water after swimming all day?


It also has an emergency flare mechanism to be used any time you need, in my case I would use it to celebrate New Year.


Want to check more on its background and story? Here:



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