Attention longboarders, The Monolith is here

by Esteban Soto (@esoe03)

There are many types of electric skateboards but none like The Monolith. Most of the time electric skateboards are heavy, you can notice the motor under the board and let’s be honest they are not very comfortable to carry around.05ff3fc3fec370e40a5bc41ec7f34d95_original

The Monolith gives solutions to all of these issues by placing small motors inside the wheels thus increasing the power. This new in-wheel motor technology is called Manta Drive. Thanks to Manta Drive you can go uphill at 32 km/h (20 mph).

It is one of the most exciting projects I’ve seen in a while, The Monolith campaign has been on Kickstarter for few weeks and it has already reached the ‘backed’ status. More than 300 people want it and this converts into $239,000, which will be used to fund its full scale production and shipping.

The Monolith’s in-wheel motor is first of its kind.

Of course its features don’t end there, the longboard comes with built-in lights on nose and tail for security. Impressed? it also have regenerative braking, meaning that when you break, the motor technology will use that saved energy to charge the battery on the board. Additionally, if you run out of smartphone battery you can plug it to the board by USB and charge your device.

Besides the board, The Monolith comes with a smartphone app, a hand controller called RFLX, universal charger for the board and USB charger for the RFLX remote.

RFLX remote

With the Inboard Vision app you can see battery levels, set desired max speed and optimize performance with 3 different pre-set modes: beginner, advanced and eco.

The Monolith’s Inboard Vision app interface.

I thought that you might want to see it in action:

Want one? You can get it through their Kickstarter campaign, the price is $1,199 a piece.

Here the full set of technical specs:

  • Top Speed: 24 mph (mobile app adjusts top speed anywhere between 7mph and 24mph).
  • Battery Range: 10 miles (LiFePo4)
  • Board Weight: 12 lbs
  • Max Rider Capacity: Tested to 250lbs
  • Drive System: Manta Drive® In-Wheel Direct Drive Technology (Dual rear wheel drive)
  • Braking System: Electronic Regenerative Braking
  • Throttle Control: RFLX Remote or Vision – Mobile App
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth Low-Energy
  • Wheels: 79mm
  • Charge Time: 90 min
  • Batteries: Swappable – never wait to ride
  • Battery Cycle Life: Over 1,000 full charge cycles (Easily Replaceable)
  • Deck Material: Lightweight Composite
  • Deck Flex: Stiff – designed for speed and stability
  • Deck Dimensions: 37″ long (94cm) x 10″ wide (25cm) with a 13mm-9mm concave for front and back foot (respectively).
  • USB Connect: charges remote, mobile phone, or any USB device



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