By age 14, she is one of Spain’s youngest CEO and game developer

by Esteban Soto (@esoe03)

En español:

I don’t know about you but when I was 14 years old video games were a daily routine. However, it never came to my mind to create a game or not even having my own company.

xRUhkxzGMeet 14 year old Lucia Sanchez a Spanish girl from Benidorm, a city 138km south from Valencia. Despite her young age she is the website designer, CEO of Unicorn Gamer and developer of Crazy Block, a highly addictive game for Android.

What is more amazing, Lucia learned how to develop games when she was 12 years old with no more help than YouTube videos and free game creation platforms like Stencyl.

“Since I was a little kid I have been interested in technology and started to love mobile games once I got my first tablet” Lucia told Techbacker. “A couple of years ago I got to know the story about a 14 year old boy that made his own game and then I had the idea that I would like to do the same”

The whole process to learn how to code, design every level and develop Crazy Block took 2 years.


Crazy Block gets its name from its main character, a friendly green block. The game looks very simple at first but it is in fact a fun logic adventure in where you’ll need to guide the main character to its goal by destroying blocks of different sizes. The more you advance the harder it gets.

Techbacker’s new segment TechTen covers, in ten questions, people who like Lucia have made something interesting and outstanding that deserves recognition. This is what Lucia told us:10710733_794680243928360_4776048930972020515_n

1. From where did you get the inspiration to create Crazy Block?

I really don’t remember well. When I had the idea of developing games I just started drawing on paper the levels and concepts until Crazy Block came to my mind.

2. How did you learn to develop games?

I was autodidact, learned everything myself little by little through testing and investigating.

3. What was the most difficult part when developing Crazy Block?

The most difficult part for me was when technical errors appeared, I didn’t know what they meant. At times it got so difficult that I really wanted to quit but I managed to push through and learned how to solve all those errors.

4. Besides games, what do you like to do on your spare time?

In my free time I like to do water sports like windsurf. I also like to skate and draw.

5. What is your favorite mobile game?

My favorite mobile game is Geometry Dash.

6. Let’s do a prediction, what type of mobile games can you imagine being developed in 10 years?

In my opinion, I believe that mobile games in 10 years will have the same quality as those of console games, there will be a lot of games on 3D.

7. Based on your experience, what makes a good mobile game?

A good mobile game has to be easy to understand, people need to know how to play it in seconds and without instructions. The sound is also very important since it is what makes the game exciting. A good game needs a good sound.

8. Have you planned other games after Crazy Block?

I would like to start another game soon, I have thought about a game of platforms but I am still in the designing stage.

9. If you were stranded on an island with 3 objects, what would those be and why?

I would like to have a small canoe and snorkeling mask since I love the sea and water sports. My computer would be something I would have since I am always thinking about game ideas.

10. last but not least, what will be your advice to someone who would like to start developing mobile games?

My advice would be to start designing the game on paper and when they have it clear then start researching and testing online game creators like Stencyl or Gamesalad. Don’t get frustrated when you don’t get to make it work, it is hard but with time you will learn and succeed.

Her story allow us to realize the power of open source and free training platforms on the web. At any age you can learn how to code and create own games if you are persistent enough.

Crazy Block has got 4.7 out of 5 from user reviews, you can download it from Google Play store. Also you can visit Lucia’s website, follow her on Twitter, LinkedIn and her company Unicorn Gamer on Facebook.



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